Monday, November 22, 2004

My Husband Is the Best

Our anniversary is this weekend. Yes I know who thinks to get married so your anniversary falls on Thanksgiving occasionally? Well apparently we did. And to boot our son's birthday is two days before which also happens to be my Mom's birthday. So this year it's my Mom and son's birthday, Thanksgiving the next day, our anniversary the next.

My sweet hubby has planned a wonderful anniversary weekend for us. Everything that I thought of doing and never got around to - he has planned. As a surprise. The only reason I know is one of the things didn't work out and the other I thought he may have already planned so as I went to check it out today I asked him to make sure we weren't double booking. We have two nights at a local hotel with a fireplace and my parents are watching the boys.

Have you seen Shall We Dance? If not and you have been married for any length of time or want to be married, GO! It is the most beautiful, amazing movie. My husband remarked there was only one part of it he didn't like. It was a place where the movie could've gone the wrong direction but didn't. My thoughts on that were I thought that was a great place because it was a space where a lot of people have made the wrong choice or allowed the wrong feeling and the characters in the movie didn't and the movie ended up in a beautiful direction!

My Grandparents are here today. My Grandpa made gorgeous little baby beds one for my niece Emily. And my Little Guy wanted one and he happened to have one for him as well. Now he's got his little puppy dog, his baby bear they gave him from when he got stitches in the hospital, and my stuffed kitty in there.



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