Tuesday, November 30, 2004

My Dream Makeup Store

Inspired by Pink Poppy to finally write what I wanted to write a few months back, here it is.

Like Pink Poppy I can't stand the mall either, so I was extremely delighted when I discovered Sephora. The one I found in Austin, Texas, wasn't in the mall. It was in the Arboretum, a very nice shopping area. It looks like the one here may be in the mall so it may depend on your location. Any way I will brave the mall for them, especially as they are not in a department store.

I was fed up with my normal fare, the stuff I'd worn since I was 16 - heavy eyeliner and mascara. For a Mom of 2 that has a million things to do on her daily list any way I didn't want that anymore. I wanted light and natural. Something that enchanced me, not showed you what great makeup I had on. I first discovered Sephora online via Mindy's vanity. So many of her favorite things were available on there that of course I had to check it out. And I do love her light and natural look. Once I discovered they had an actual store in my town, well an hour away but close enough, I knew I had to go.

I went in with a specific idea in mind: throw out the heavy, in with the light. Kristen introduced me to Christian Dior mascara that took my lashes to a whole new meaning of beautiful - naturally beautiful. She also tried a Benetint on me, which I loved, but my husband said it made me look painted, so out with that. For foundation she introduced me to Tarte tinted moisturizer in Veil which I immediately fell in love with - that is the meaning of sheer coverage. For extra coverup she pulled out Tarte concealer in Undercover which matches my skin tone perfectly and blends in those dark undereye circles. She said they weren't bad, but hey I can see them. To finish it off the beautiful shimmery light glossy sexy pouty I love it Nude liner and Sugar Coat gloss.

She did a complete do on me ... and then .... I didn't buy a thing! Not that day any way. Feeling hesitant but not wanting to buy stuff that I'd end up being unhappy with at the end of the day, like I did at M*A*C just previously (their silicon foundation is just sooo heavy), I asked if there was a way I could write down what she used, wear it home, see if I really liked it, and then come back and get it later. She not only wrote down exactly what she used she gave me generous sized samples of the two concealers I was debating between! She would've given me samples of everything but I knew if I liked the others at the end of the day I'd be back for them. And no pressure! I didn't find out until I came back later to get my stuff, but their makeup artists don't work on commission.

I ended up going home and loving everything that was on me, except for the blush. I went back and bought it all. She had forgotten to write down the lip liner and gloss, so I experimented to find which one she used. I picked the wrong one and discovered it when I put it on the next day, so I brought it back and discovered their wonderful return policy. You don't like it, bring it back. Now that's a return policy. I brought it back and found the one I'd used originally.

I use my makeup lightly so this has lasted me a good 4 months. And for a $138 to love absolutely everything I use without tons of trial and error I really don't think that's a bad bargain. I'll be back and this time to find another look, another light and natural just something fun and new. And maybe even something to play around with. And I know if I don't like it I'll bring it back, better yet I'll just do the samples and if I like it I'll go back and buy it and if I don't I won't have to bring anything back I'll just try another.



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