Friday, February 18, 2005

Ever Feel Like You're Being Sucked into a Hole?

My most embarrasing moment just happened.

Carrying a stroller with a sleeping baby in it, 3 bags of laundry stuffed in the back and a 5 year old tagging along down a flight of stairs with at least 15-20 people coming up it and having half the laundry fall out, underwear, at least one of every single one of ours, bra, and all. With a "SHIT." and the help of a kind lady and gentleman I picked them up and put them back in the bag and continued on my way.

I.need.a.break. From 3 year old constant questions, from 5 year old tattling, from not communicating with a spouse, from constant having to DO for others without anybody thinking of what I AM constantly doing.



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