Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A Dream Come True

A really really great Valentine's Day with hardly a penny spent. Pretty impossible most days. But not yesterday. Not this Valentine's Day. So little money spent and with the knowledge in mind that we weren't deep in debt for a present Hubby just had to get me I actually got him something this year, The Treehouse Book. He has wanted to build a treehouse for the boys forever and found this book the other day and spent half an hour reading it so when I went by to get up our picnic I picked it up. He loves it.

The whole day started with me in a pretty bright pink and red flowered skirt with a hot pink top and my knee-high black boots - feeling very pretty and nice and warm. The boys and I ran a bunch of errands, a gift for my cousin's bridal shower, a gift for a nephew's birthday, some drawing pens, and a picnic for Hubby and I - delicious Grilled Tri-tip Sandwhich with BBQ Sauce for him and a Meditterranean Chicken sandwhich for me. Green Bean Herb Salad, Fruit Salad, and BBQ Chips, and a bottle of Chianti.

We dropped the kids off with Grandma that evening and packed the car with candles, a comforter, and our picnic. Drove down to Westcliff and parked on the cliff. Yes, a night very reminiscent of teenage days, but all grown up and romantic in the fact that we weren't actually going there there for that purpose. We set up our candles on the floor (is that legal?) and spread the comforter over the laid down backseat, served the picnic, and opened the back windows to hear the ocean breeze and the waves crashing on the rocks.

After a very delicious meal and water in wine glasses after we realized it probably wouldn't be the best idea to have an open wine bottle in a vehicle parked right off the road, we laid down in each other's arms and had one of the most indepth conversations we'd had in a long time.

That didn't last for too long because Hubby of course still wanted to do all that teenagery stuff, might as well get it in. After making sure he kept his pants on just a little a cop drives by with his searchlight aimed right at us. Sucking in a deep breath and making sure everything was back on as he drove by. Talk about ruining the mood! For me, at least. Well Hubby still wanted to, so my heart racing the whole time we did. This teenager thing is NOT for me anymore! What were we ever thinking? Oh yeah, that.

After our wonderful evening on the cliff we drove downtown and grabbed a seat at Borders with our favorite books to sit and relax before Hitch started. Which for those of you who have been wondering was EXCELLENT. Now on my top 3 list, along with Sabrina my all-time favorite, Shall We Dance.

The best part (besides the whole movie) was walking out of the theatre and seeing couple after couple after couple walking by, holding hands and being sweet. In fact the whole night there was nothing but couples on the street, besides the occasional guy sitting at Borders studying or the group of girls out on the town.

It was a wonderful night and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Not for the hundred-fifty dollar dinner we had reserved at Peachwood's, not for diamond earrings, not for a night out on the town. It was a wonderful romantic quiet evening, just us, romance, and the ocean.



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