Thursday, February 17, 2005

Out and About in the WC

Isn't it funny how you never think of calling a town by it's initials until you're in it for awhile? The family and I are in Walnut Creek for the latter part of this week. Hubby has a class he had to attend here for these last 4 days and the kids and I thought it would be fun to tag along. We were right. Amidst the hotel living, the $74 trip to Whole Foods so we could eat healthy while on vacation, the icing the milk in the sink before cereal in the morning for lack of a refrigerator, it's been great discovering a new town. Basking in the strangeness and the allure of a brand new almost completely two story downotown with Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Tiffany & Co., and Starbucks galore in the Broadway Plaza, I had no idea Walnut Creek was this large - I always thought it was a tiny extension of San Jose. Little did I know. It's not.

And we are right downtown, closest to the best of the best. We've been to the Civic Park, Big Guy loved the choo-choo train and the wooden outdoor gym. He checked out all the signs instructing you what to do on each and did them all. I enjoyed sitting in the little caboose and working on my art book while Little Guy snoozed the afternoon away in the car.

Today we went by the Lindsay Wildlife Museum, where they have captive animals that have been injured and wouldn't be safe in the wild. It was amazing to see a bald eagle, owls, ravens, opposums, all up close and personal in glass living areas where you could get literally nose to nose with them. The kids did a treasure hunt to do where they found each animal on their piece of paper and turned it in for a card with a cheesy joke on it. Funny how kids love those things.

After a picnic in the park we stopped by Office Max to pick up some paints for the boys and markers for me. Little Guy fell asleep on the way home and we brought him up to the hotel room in the stroller and let him sleep peacefully while Big Guy painted his heart out and I sat near and drew. When Little Guy woke up he picked up on the painting where Big Guy left off and by the time Hubby got up here they had created a floor full of artwork.

Winding down the evening with a little Apprentice and ER I'm off to crawl into bed and chat with Hubby for a few.



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