Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hubby and I are going to go on a picnic this evening. Where, I don't know. May be in the back of the car as it's overcast and gloomy right now, but that's romantic in it's own teenage time right : ) . We've got tickets to go see Hitch at 9:45pm. Been wanting to see that. Should be a pretty calm night.

Hubby is going to classes for his business this week. The boys and I may go with him as he's got a hotel room for 4 nights any way. Get a chance to see a different city - one I've never been to. Seems to have some good downtown shopping and a park which is plenty entertaining.

Thanks for all the Valentine wishes - to you guys too! I hope you have a serene night full of all the things that mean so much to making you YOU.



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