Thursday, June 15, 2006

Social Work

This week has been pretty much a social week. Now that I'm back on track from being sick and taking a break with homeschooling and getting back to a less intense version of schooling I have some free time on my hands.

Monday I caught up on sleep and ran errands with my neighbor which turned into shopping white flip flopsand dinner with her and her little girl. I got a new pair of summer white flip flops at Old Navy and was very very good otherwise.

Tuesday the boys and I went to a friends to hang out at her pool with a few other girls and then ran to get a baby gift and headed down to the Whole Foods headquarters to meet another friend. It was SO hot the boys faces were bright red and they were begging to go home by the time we left. I met up with B to drop them off and headed to a meeting at 7pm. A few minutes into driving there I got a message it was cancelled. It worked out perfect because I got to visit baby L and his Mommy and spend an hour and a half chatting with her!

Wednesday my neighbor and I took the kids to the pool and spent two and a half hours there reading books, drinking margie's and snacking. I got quite the burn, but I've lotioned up and it's turning into a nice tan already. We had K all set up with an umbrella and a little mister fan I have directed on her so she stayed cool. It was too cute. Our poolOh and J loves baby K. They've been more excited about her since baby L was born. They love his name since it's the same as their cousins and they can't wait to meet him. In the meantime J has acknowledged K exists and took care of her yesterday as she lay on the floor and then asked to hold her and feed her a bottle. He says as he's holding her, "I'm loving this."

This morning I texted my neighbor to see if she wanted to go running like she's been begging me to do the last week. So we got the kids prepped (took forEVER!) and took off with J on his skateboard, S on his bike, and K in her stroller. We half walked half ran up to the front to see if the gym was open which it's being painted so it wasn't and ran back. Wow that felt good. I took a shower and remembered my yoga dvd I've been wanting to try. We'll do that later.

Today I'm taking J to his reading appointment. He is doing fabulously. There's a site called Starfall that he just loves to read (Alyssa, I'm thinking of you when I put in that link!!). Tonight B and I are going grocery shopping and tomorrow we're having friends over for dinner. Baby FeetSaturday is full with the kids and I helping our small group out babysitting four babies for another small group while they go to the lake and B is helping another girl out in our class whose husband is in Iraq with yard work and getting her garage organized - guy stuff.

Life seems to be full of babies and friends right now. It doesn't get much better than that :).

PS Please say a prayer for my friend B if you think of me during the day. She's going in for surgery for endometriosis tomorrow and it's been a tough decision for her. B I'm thinking of you and praying for you!!


s said...

that pool looks amazing! i need to get some sun this weekend. i'll be thinking of your friend on friday.

Alyssa said...

Thanks for the link...that is going to come in very handy! We wpent the day at the pool today as well and it felt great! Have a wondeful rest of the week!

beth said...

I'll be praying today, too.

my life is brilliant said...

That pool DOES look awesome! I'll be praying for your friend!!

girl from florida said...

I just said a prayer for her.

LOVE the white flip flops! And the pool! You guys are having SO much fun lately... what good times!!


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