Thursday, June 08, 2006

Date Night

Exactly why does EVERYone update on the night I'm out on a date? I need reasons here people!! It does give me some reading material when I get home though : ) .

Hubby and I tried out a new place tonight. Very Texan fancy. Expensive and ... well Texas flavuh. Give me North by Northwest over that any day but I'm glad to have went since it's a much talked about Austin restaurant. Now I can give my official two cents : ) . Afterwards we headed to where else? the Cheesecake Factory and enjoyed the honorary Allison cheesecake - my first ever cheesecake there with Ms. Allie - Dulce De Leche, a cappucino, a beautiful outdoor seat, and a very friendly waitress. Afterwards we headed over to Borders and walked out with a Sodoku book, a Monet and Van Gogh book, a bunch of readers for J, and a Daddy Kisses book for S. S has always mentioned things are "Daddy and baby" not "Mommy and baby" like most little ones do, and has been reading us a little book he got for his first birthday called Good Night Gorilla - I read him all the words and he has them memorized by looking at the pictures - so he is going to adore this book.

A friend and I met at the Arboretum today for lunch and shopping. I bought a new outfit for tonight's date! Yay! Not like I have the money for it but whatever. It's versatile. I can wear both items seperately : ) . Hehe that's my excuse. Any way we had a good time, shared ice cream and lots of girly talk and deep talk too which is really nice to be able to do and had a fabulous time. B ended up being able to watch the boys at the last minute which was really nice for me although she loves the little guys as well.

We've been out with her and her hubby and another couple a few times and brought the kids each time. We've ended up at places that are great for the kids to enjoy and they just play the whole time while we chat away. B has really been enjoying the hubbies. They are his age and more on his level of being able to provide for his family and whatnot and not completely into sports like most guys his age, so I'm glad he's been able to enjoy that. I've really been hoping he'll find some guy friends that he enjoys here. There's also one other guy that's the hubby of my friend that he really enjoys conversations with so yay him.


Hannah said...

Hope you had a good date!

Alyssa said...

Date night sounds great. I can't remember the last time we had one. note to self...need to work on that! Our husbands sound very similar. Not addicted to sports and puts family first. I like to call him a cool dork!

Cecilia said...

It's always nice to have a "night" just for the two of you. Sounds like you did have a really good the way, Dulce de Leche cheesecake's my absolute favorite! hmmm....and I miss bookshops like Borders!

Kimberly said...

Hope your date night was fun! :) That is awesome that you guys make the time to do those!!


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