Friday, June 30, 2006


Tonight is girls night. We're going to see Devil Wears Prada with the girls from my church and a few other friends. The point is to reach out to those who don't know the Lord and are struggling in life right now. But right now I am REALLY stretched thin. My neighbor's cousin died Tuesday morning and I have to the best of my ability been there every minute for her since (including tonight!) I guess it's really gotten to me because I find myself wishing this night was just for the girls in my church group, the ones I can talk really deep with and open up to. On the other hand I need to get over myself and realize God is the one who fills my cup not others and this is the probably the best time in the world to reach out to her and show her what an amazing thing a close and personal relationship with Him can be. I find it funny we're making it that point and going to watch a movie about the devil wearing prada. Hehe.

After tonight her fiancee and sister will be in town, so the load is off my shoulders : ) . Besides I don't have any more to give right now. Tonight is my extra 100% and I hope I'm available for that.

By the way for all of those who want to see pictures from this past weekend, check out these links for Allison, PSD and family pics :), for wedding and reception pics, and for pics from the birthday lunch, day at the pool with K, and going to see Cars. If you're a new reader and haven't been added as a friend on my flickr site yet just send me an email and I'll put you on there!


Allison said...

Ahh...just realized I forgot to email you the pics....on their way RIGHT NOW!!

Allison said...

Okay, all sent! Have fun tonight! Once you get out with them, I'm sure you'll have a blast and be so glad you went. I can't wait to see the movie!!

girl from florida said...

I've been struggling with the same thing lately!! Really prefering my Christian girlfriends to my non-Christian ones. It makes me feel like such a... I don't know, sell out? fake? I know I should get out there and be the body of Christ to everyone around me, but it is really exhausting. I almost get mad when others intrude on our happy little small group. Isn't that horrible? I'm glad I am not the only one who wishes some nights were just for our small group.


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