Saturday, June 03, 2006

Stuff I've done this week:

-Had a wonderful full body massage from my hubby. Yes, THAT kind of massage. I'd been sick I needed it ; ) .
*Got my son a gecko.
-Got my other son a Star Wars game.
*Cleaned my boys room with my family.
-Mopped and went over the baseboards in my bathrooms and kitchen.
*Met a friend for coffee and studying.
-Went to a prenatal appointment with a friend.
*Took a walk with my neighbor and her friend up to the business center to run errands.
-Picked up three packages, two for me, one for J's bday.
*Returned movies and got two more.
-Picked up pool passes.
*Raided their candy containers.
-Bought two sets of drawers for my boys room.
*Went through their chest of drawers to toss out old clothes.
-Took J to his nice lady appointment.
*Held my neighbor's baby for three hours while making fruit salad.
-Can't believe it's only been four days since Memorial's Day - it seems like ages ago.
*Stayed home on Saturday while Hubby is working and played games with the boys.
-Noticed this week involved a lot of organizing and cleaning, must be why the week seemed so long. Hehe.


Kimberly said...

sounds fun! Especially the massage:) Glad to hear that you are feeling better!

Alyssa said...

I love getting things organised it makes you feel so good when it is all done! Since you seem to be so good at it maybe you can come help me get organised when we get the new house (jk) We are putting in the paper work this week to get out of the militery early! Yeah!

Laura said...

It sounds like a productive week!

beth said...

you must be feeling better with all that cleaning and organizing!

my life is brilliant said...

Whew! Busy week! Doesn't it make you feel that much better that everything's all organized and clean now?


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