Sunday, October 01, 2006

Cub Scout Campout

Brando and J went on a campout at McKinney Roughs this last weekend with their cub scout pack while Shawners and I had a date weekend at home. B & J got to look through a huge telescope, see an alligator, take lots of hikes, play lots of games, learn how to REALLY use a compass, J learned how to use binoculars, both of them drew pictures of the solar system complete with planet symbols, the condensation cycle, and the telescope. It was like they went to six months of school in a day!

Shawners and I golfed by blacklight at Lunar Mini Golf and came home and snuggled on the couch to watch The Never Ending Story before falling asleep in Mommy's bed. The next day he and I went with a friend to scrapbook (my first scrapbook pages EVER!! I LOVE them) and he colored a Ninja Turtles coloring book and watched Shrek while Jen and I scrapbooked. She made a BEAUTIFUL black and white picture of Brando and I in a black frame that is just gorgeous and now has it's own special place in our house. On top of that she gave me a beautiful scrapbook album with a place in the front where I'm going to put a black and white picture of Shawner's hands and feet in the sand. It matches the pages I just made beautifully. LOVE it!

It was a great weekend, B & J got quality time, S & I got quality time - though not as much as I would've liked because I'm PMSing, but still some, church today where my sister was able to watch the boys while Brando and I did our first curriculum meeting. Ran a few errands and in a moment we're off to small group.


Courtney said...

Sounds like a nice weekend - even with the PMSing. :)

(Welcome back!)


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