Friday, October 06, 2006

Exercise, Foreman Grill, and Costco

How's that for a title?

Today I exercised. After sitting around the house depressed and headachey all day I finally caved to the boys wanting to go to the pool. Silly me goes up with NO makeup, NO coordination of outfit (okay, a little), and running shoes expecting NO one to be there, but of course there is. So I spend the whole time slightly embarrased but so proud of my little Shawny swimming back and forth while the other four and a half year old there says, "That guy's littler than me but he has no floaties and he's swimming."

I wanted to work out afterwards but the boys were wet and the gym has a powerful AC so I decided I'd just run home. You would crack up if you saw me running with the kids. I run a ways then turn around and run back until I get back to them. Then I walk with them for a bit and run again. It works. They're happy. I pace myself. And I get my heart rate up. I LOOOVE the cold shower when I get home. Mostly because it doesn't feel cold, just SOOO refreshing.

Tonight I'm making Costco individually wrapped chicken so it's soooo easy to defrost in whatever portion I want on my foreman grill with a little wine (right, the CHICKEN's getting the wine) and brown sugar, along with sauteed garlic broccoli rabe. Oh yum!


my life is brilliant said...

Yay for running! And the chicken sounds good, too!

Courtney said...

darn it - now I'm hungry!



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