Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New Cars To Us

Eeeeek!!! Sooo nervous. We pick them up on Friday. I can't believe we're actually getting RID of our cars (and a hefty car payment!) I have this weird emotional attachment to cars. Brando doesn't. He grew up with his Dad owning three dealerships. They had a new car every month. Literally. My parents had two until I was sixteen then I bought two of my own. We've had a few good choices and a few dissappointments since we've been married. It's been the trusty van for the last five years for me though.

Added to say: Ummm apparently I didn't clarify. THESE are the new cars. And I HATE the fact that's it a minivan COURTNEY. Thanks for the complex, sweetie, I still love ya. Actually I already had the complex. That would be the cause of my going in between deliriously happy and extremely stressed out about our decision, oh that and spending that amount of money outright even though it was my parents perks money so it wasn't cash persay any way and definently not out of our pocket. BUT it fits our needs, it fits our price range, and it is super nice. I actually can't believe we got two cars as nice as these for the price that we did. Actually Brando has said he has no problem driving the mv so I can get over my complex :D . Wait. That wouldn't really be getting over it, would it?

PS I feel like I am making absolutely NO sense today so if that's the case I apologize and I'm leaving it at that. heh

The windstar. We'll just call it an MV and leave it at that.

The Nissan Altima


Courtney said...

You drive a mini-van!!?? Ha Ha I love it! Such a mom-mobile. :)

What will your new(ish) car be?

my life is brilliant said...

That Altima is so pretty! Is that the new one, or the one you're trading?

Courtney said...

Ohhhhhhhhh. I see. The MV is the new car. When you said "It’s been the trusty van for the last five years for me" I assumed van = minivan. :)

Oh well.

I'm sure you'll look AWESOME in the minivan!!! :)

Courtney said...

Also, thank you for the wondeful comment on my "Deep Breath, Regroup, Push Forward" post. It is totally inspiring me to make it through today. :)

Allison said...

As I told you last night, I have NO problem with minivans! Make it yours! Put some stickers on the window, put a cute little flower on the dash, make it smell nice, and girl it up! Be PROUD of it! You have a car that isn't breaking your bank, it runs, it looks fine, and gets you from A to B! Remember what is important...not something that DEPRECIATES every time you drive it! But keeping those darlings safe and sound!

If I have kids one day, you will probably see me in an old 60's station wagon! Wooden paneling on the sides and all! Rock it girl!!!! :-) You're cute in anything!!


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