Thursday, October 19, 2006

Most Embarrasing Moment #2

(see Most Embarrasing Moment #1) Or What's the Chance of this Happening?

Smokin' previous van in the morning while dropping J off at school. It has to be in front of the playground where all the second grader little girls are completely fascinated. The cars on fire! The cars on fire! Everyone come see! Turns out it was just steam. Any way finally moved the offensive hunk of metal into a corner away from the playground and came back to rescue my little Shawny who had his hood over his head and was curled into a ball on the playground steps wondering where I was. Fortunently he had a whole horde of girls surrounding him to take care of him, and Justinbustin next to him hugging him and patting his back. The crowd of kids was probably why he was hiding in the first place. They wouldn't stop talking about the car smoking so I finally said that would've been really cool to see it blow up of course if we were away from it. Awed faces and nodded heads and spoken yeahs followed. Great, just great. Heeee.

In contrast tonight we picked up our new cars!!! Heeee. sticker For those who weren't clear NOW I am officially a minivan Mom. Allison thanks sooooooo much for the talk. I am SO excited about it now : ) . And the kids are even more so. Sweeeet is their new word. Minivans are more fuel efficient, safer, more convenient to get in and out of, have sliding doors that don't whack the car next to you and use your insurance, and have so many fun new toys in them. necklaceRear view mirror to see the kids, back seat that folds into a table, easy entry to the rear bench seat, LOTS of conveniently placed cupholders, sunglass holder, coin holder in the roof!, garage door opener. The list goes on. Don't you want one now Courtney? : ) When you have kids you can have a mom mobile too. I'm totally going to get a fun necklace to hang from the rearview mirror and a sticker to go on the back window. The other car is a Nissan Altima, a step down from our VW Passat but still super nice, just will take getting used to the Nissan style. Now I'm noticing Nissans everywhere.


Courtney said...

I would totally rock a minivan!! :)

my life is brilliant said...

I think a minivan is going to be a nice fit. It sounds like it'll be really convenient, and I'm sure the kids will love it, too. And if anyone can make a minivan look good, girl, it's you. :) lol


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