Monday, October 30, 2006

Blue Fuzzies

I am sooo into the colors teal, chocolate, and white. My boys room is decorated in it, my wardrobe consists of it, now my socks are that color. Fuzzy warm and the softest ever teal, chocolate, and white socks that release aloe vera into my footsies. I love it! Along with my new henleys that I resisted buying the same colors of - instead I went with deeper shades of blue and green.



Courtney said...

OH! I just want to crawl in that shirt and take a nap! Very cute and very comfy looking.

p.s. Devil With a Blue Dress is a song - from the 60's. It also goes by the name Good Golly Miss Molly.

Heather said...

updated my blog and finally with hawaii pics

my life is brilliant said...

I love the shirt! I am a big fan of henleys. :) (And teal and brown, too)


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