Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dum de dum dum

You know that feeling Courtney posted about awhile ago (that I'm too lazy to go find the link to but go check her out, she's awesome AND just moved to the big city, SF)? The one where you have soooo much to catch up on that you don't even know where to start with a post? And then you just decide you're going to jump back in where you're at because that's all you can do? That's where I'm at.

Today I'm going to a training for becoming a leasing agent with a temporary firm. I asked the sweet girls up at our leasing office if they were hiring. Unfortunately they are not, but they sent me to this place because it's the best one in Austin and it's where our apartments get all their hires from. Plus the girls were telling me 80% of the people who go through this temporary place end up being hired on permanently after a few assignments. That, and once I get the training, I can walk around and look for permanent jobs on my own. One more thing for the resume. Yay! Can't wait to get that degree on there.

Speaking of school this course I'm in is going at lightning speed. I've never experienced the "final" week but I have a feeling I'm about to. We've had three tests in the last four weeks and it's not slowing down anytime soon. I am LOVING understanding math though. I am completely tickled pink that I can actually understand some of this crap. It's so much fun trying to get Brando to help me and having to explain it to him!

The kids have been bounced off to babysitter after babysitter the last few weeks, and they are loving it. By the grace of God I found a babysitter last week while studying at Starbucks and the kids LOVE her. She is off to Germany for a few weeks but we used her to the fullest extent her the last few days she was here and hope we don't burn her out when she gets back ; ) ! We're considering public school for them, but really feel like it would be good for Shawners to have the at home and at school environment Justinbustin got to experience. On top of that I really need to look into the gifted and talented part at public school and I hear that's a bear. That'll be interesting.

PS So want to do a 'Girl Bloggers that Rock' post. Apparently I rock according to Sarah and Laura. I want to write about the girl bloggers that I love that rock!



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