Friday, July 27, 2007

Working Mom

So do I have to change the title of my blog if I start working regularly? Hehe just kidding! I had an interview today - I'm not sure if I got the job but it went okay. I gave up my very first assignment from the staffing place which would've been for today and tomorrow and all next week to go on the interview, but they called me again with an assignment for Monday. So that will be my first official day! It's at a luxury apartment community so that should be fun to start with. Hehe.

Oh because I'm working on Monday I had to squeeze in my test that's due Monday TODAY!! I found out the testing center closed two hours before I thought I did so I didn't have time to study everything the test covered. I went in with a "don't go to work on Monday or accept a lower score on this test" and I came out totally hoping I didn't fail!! I rocked the first three tests so I'm hoping even if I didn't do so great on this one I'll be okay. Now I know to plan better next time!

Justinbustin has been spending the night at his cousin's last night and tonight. It's so cute since we planned this over a week ago he's been going, "Am I going to spend the night at Lukesters tonight?" and we say, "No, on Thursday. That's however many days from now" and he says, "I don't get it." every. day. When we dropped him off he had his fully loaded backpack, his backpack of toys, a stuffed doggie, and an extra pair of shoes in hand. Today we asked him if we wanted to spend the night and he said, "Yeah. I packed clothes for a few days any way."

Shawners and Mommy and Daddy have been having movie, candy, and popcorn nights. Tonight turned into a Batmanathon. Love it. We've alternately been "squishling" or "squizzling" (halfway between squeezing and squishing) him and waiting until he notices us and tells us to schooch over.



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