Sunday, July 08, 2007


This is going to sound totally crazy after my last post but we had such an awesome family day today. The rough part isn't over and I'm not in denial, but it's only a situation and you can only make one change at a time. I'm working on it.

Back to our regularly scheduled program... we took the kids to a dinosaur park in Bastrop that I've been wanting to take them to forever and it was SO much fun! The people took such excellent care of the property and had fun little scavenger hunts for hidden dinosaurs and creatures, stepping stones to see how big the dinosaurs were, a fossil dig that had quite a few bones in it!, and a store that would be any dinosaur lovers dream. They even had a dinosaur nest with eggs and a baby dinosaur hatching out of one. Shawners is absolutely obsessed with just hatched baby dinosaurs so that was perfect for him!

Afterwards we went and splurged at P. Terry's (all $15 hehe), which is our In-N-Out, and had hamburgers, fries, snow cones, milkshakes, and cookies. Yum! Somehow we ended up with a free hamburger which is good because we were STARVING after not eating all day. Oh, on a side note, yesterday was P. Terry's second anniversary and a friend and I walked Town Lake then stopped to eat there and scored six free t-shirts. I told them we were there all the time and my hubby and kids just didn't happen to be with me this time. Then I got mediums so Brando could wear them all - the smalls were too big for the boys and I don't wear them. It was hilarious today we saw at least three other customers, besides the employees and Brando, in the same shirt.



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