Sunday, July 01, 2007

Haven't Stopped

Holy crap! Brando was gone for the last two days and I didn't stop from the moment he left.

Friday we went over to a friend's house to look at model homes in her neighborhood with her (we're considering dumping the house down south and staying up north - though after seeing those homes it reconfirms what an AMAZING deal we are getting down south in the heart of Austin). Friday evening we went to the pool and then I did four hours of math homework.

Saturday morning we got up early to go to a sweet little girl's birthday party. Her Mom is my good friend whose Dad died a few weeks ago and I really wanted to be there for her at this first event that her Dad wasn't at. I cry thinking about it. Saturday afternoon one of my study partner girlies came over and we went to the pool for the afternoon and grilled fajita meat at the pool later in the evening, then came home and studied for two hours.

Sunday the boys and I woke up earlier than usual to get to church and make copies for a curriculum meeting I did after church. I'm the curriculum coordinator for our young marrieds Sunday school class, Brando is my 'muscle', and we have a team of six who work with us, sharing ideas and contacting speakers. Brando was out of town. Fortunately my sister watched my kids and not everybody showed up. Thank God as that's the first time I've ever conducted a meeting on my own and I was nervous as heck. Fewer people made it seem more cozy. We concluded the thoughts for the curriculum for the year and met all our objectives so it was productive.

After the meeting I met one of my study partners at Starbucks for MORE homework with my kids and my nephew (who kept an eye on them while we studied) in tow. She and I knocked out our last section and our quiz AND understood it! Yay! Brando showed up straight from the airport while we were finishing up there. She took off and we headed home. The kids forgot their game boy charger back at Starbucks so we left them with my nephew and Brando and I ran back for the chargers and picked up some cute Starbucks coffee mugs on sale and a yummy rice krispie treat to share (we were both exhausted and needed it!). We dropped by the grocery store to return movies on the way home then deposited a check at my bank, and then Brando's bank, and were finally HOME to do nothing. Brando has been passed out on the couch for the last two hours and me, well, I'll be going to sleep early tonight.



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