Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Blogging Moves On

How cute is this? Justinbustin asked me how to start a blog yesterday. We started one for him this morning called "monkeybunky" (because it's a nickname of mine for him, and I didn't want to bother trying the fifty other more common names he was coming up with). He's been working all morning on a Star Wars post, complete with battle scenes acted out by Lego star wars figures he's built (pictures to be uploaded when Mommy has time). Check it out at monkeybunky . blogspot . com . Shawner's to be coming soon!

Oh, and as for my previous post Brandon totally forgot about our anniversary as well until I texted him "Happy Anniversary by the way! I love you." from class. I'll pass along the sweet credit any way Court : ) . And the comments about him knowing what I like. Thanks for the sweet anniversary wishes all!



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