Wednesday, November 14, 2007


We are off to Disneyland on Saturday and the house seems like it is opening up and devouring me with all the clutter it holds. Starting the month I was working things spun out of control from barely hovering beforehand, and now it has completely enveloped me in it's clutter glory. There is a corner in my living room that has four boxes of paper (kids' school stuff, contract papers from selling our rental house, resume copies and work applications) sucking part of my brain into a black hole every time I think of it. Then there's the laundry, which makes me think of kicking back and watching girly guilty pleasure tv shows (the Bachelor, Gossip Girl, ANTM), so that's not such a bad thing even though it's taking over my dining room. Next there's the boys' schoolwork which has overtaken my dining room table with a sea of papers, pencils, erasers, and cute little kid creations. Let's not even talk about packing. I'm creating our packing list and my Kel girl came over to drop some of her fun clothing and jewelry off, which I feel better about because sharing wardrobes with her makes me feel like I just went shopping! Last but not least, Justin came down with a fever yesterday and wasn't able to go to school. On top of that we are all fighting something - be it allergies or virus, I don't know. Oh, and let's not forget, some kid in their school came down with chicken pox last week. My prayers are for a safe, healthy, happy, fun time before, during, and after our trip full of creating special memories.

So, ending on a super happy note, Shawners can READ!! And ride a two wheeler!! Last Thursday he read his first book, and Sunday he took his first two wheeler ride and rode for at least half an hour before his first fall which wasn't much of a fall any way. I'm SOOO proud of him.



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