Thursday, November 29, 2007

Six Degrees of Separation... or Three

It continuosly amazes me what a small world we live in which the blog world continues to make even smaller. When Laura got here we found out her aunt and uncle go to my church and her nephew is in Justinbustin's Sunday School class. How small does that get?! Another example, last week when we took off from the airport we ran into a girl who was also heading to Disneyland and discovered she also teaches at a school just down the road from me. Guess who was sitting across from me in tutoring lab tonight? Yup. It was her. It just makes me think about the possibility of knowing a close friend I haven't yet met through the person sitting directly across from me. I love this small world God's created and I've always looked forward to meeting as many people in my small circle as I can - things like this excite me even more.



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