Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Resolution Update

S, I'm totally following on your heels here. Maybe next year a resolution would be to "remember on my own to update".

On keeping up the girl time I started last year. Well, I've had a few girls nights, but no girls' trips planned. I've been 'talking' about a few, but I keep waiting for someone to say "Yes! Let's do it!!" and no one has. I've never really planned anything like this before, so I'm not sure if it's the money issue, timing issue, or both, but I'm going to try a different tactic and plan something for next year so it's quite a ways in advance. Suggestions from experienced girl trip takers (road trips or otherwise) are welcome! 

On taking care of my body and leaving my face alone. I don't even want to talk about it. I feel like my complexion has gotten WORSE since I started the whole skin care regime, but really I think it's because I've been treating it worse because I feel like the skin care routine will 'fix' it. I need to do both at the same time!

On my thought life and being easier on myself. Sigh. See previous post. I have developed more of a backbone with Brando and the kids - not letting myself feel bad for saying NO or having an opinion that differs from theirs. On the other hand I've really been down on myself for my space in life when I really need to be okay with where I'm at for my sake. On that note, thank you all for your wonderful, sweet and almost posts(!) on Keeping up with the Joneses. I totally wasn't expecting that and every single one warmed me to the heart to know I'm not alone, but that I also have no reason to be thinking that much like I'm trying to convince myself : ) .

On my aspirations of continuing my goal of finishing school by finishing another three semesters of classesI'm doing well with a 105 average on my class so that's something to be said! Need to set an appointment to see a counselor for next year. So far I'm going for broke with these math classes.

On getting my house back to where I need it to be. Well it's being maintained. I've gotten a few projects done. Today I moved some of the stuff from the garage to storage. I unpacked the ungodly corner of my room that developed when we got back from Cali. I've been keeping decent food in the kitchen, at least snack wise, not so much on meal wise. I need to keep hacking away at it baby step by baby step.

On enjoying life In the moment in my family life. This one I've been doing great on. Less pictures to show for it, but I really am enjoying life in the moment. The boys (all 3) and I went to an open house at Lifetime Fitness and Brando and I watched the boys swim for three hours. Saturday Justinbustin had his Pinewood Derby and took first place OVERALL!! Later that day he had a three hour birthday party at the Lifetime Fitness that we went to on Sunday. Shawners and I came home and made cookies while he played away.

To wrap it up S style. I still need to work on 1, 2, 3, and 5, and keep up 4 and 6. While this was a little disappointing to write down how much I still need to work on it is also a good kick in the butt to keep myself going on these things.


Stace said...

Man maybe I should have started some resolutions. . #1 quit being so lazy. . .yeah I suck b/c I still am. :)

Betsy77 said...

Carleys clear and smooth- for skin! On e-bay! I have used it for a month and I get so many compliments on my clear skin- found something that works! Its soft * amazing!

villagegirl said...

I just discovered a site that you might find useful. It's called flylady. It's through yahoo and a bit confusing at first but it's all about babysteps to getting your house in order and keeping it that way with a few simple routines. Might be worth checking out anyhow. I definitely need help especially with 2 little hurricanes and not wanting to feel like all i do is clean!

my life is brilliant said...

I think you're doing a great job. Remember, you gave yourself a whole year to do these things. It takes time to transition.

You're doing great!


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