Thursday, April 10, 2008

Build the Field, They Will Come

There hasn't been any building of fields but apparently they're coming. They meaning the grandparents who haven't visited in two or three years. Yesterday Brando's Dad called to say they were visiting for Brando's birthday at the end of the month. Could they come a few weekends later? we ask. No, next month is too busy. So I tell Brando take what you can get. Today Brando's Mom calls to say "Surprise!" she's coming May 1st-6th for Grandparent's Day at the kids school and she already bought her tickets. Except that's when I asked my parents to come out, who I knew would be willing if they could, and they were. Brando's Mom, I shot her an email about the whole thing, and expected to hear no more about it except she can't come for one reason or another as she's done for the last two years. So much for expecting. Sigh. Fortunately my parents are totally flexible and hadn't bought their tickets yet, so they'll come a few weekends later. Or the weekend of. The more the merrier!


Stace said...

The more the merrier? YIKES! But hey if that works for you. It just doesn't sound like your to happy with Brando's family. . . .either way good luck. :)

pinksundrops said...

Yeah, I wasn't too happy visiting plans weren't discussed with the visitees. Hopefully they are all coming! If my parents do come Brando's Mom is renting a hotel so they can stay with us and it won't be too full of a house.


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