Sunday, April 27, 2008

So I've been a little absent lately

I swear I'm just busy! This week we had Brando's Dad and wife here for Brando's 27th birthday on Tuesday. We went to dinner at our favorite place, NXNW, then swam in the indoor pool and hot tub at the Renaissance where they stayed.

Wednesday we went on the Austin Duck Adventures, which was TOTALLY dorky and an absolute blast. The "amphibian" car that goes on land and in the water is 20 feet tall. Until you hit the water where you're only two feet above the water and feel like you're sinking. Especially when the driver tells a story about a ski boat going over the dam when they had water out. Justinbustin got to drive the boat all the way to the dam! Wednesday evening we filled our tummies to the brim with Cheesecake Factory and then swam some more before we said our good-byes as they took off the next morning.

Friday evening we took it easy for Justinbustin's flag football game the next day, Saturday, against the other undefeated team in the league. They lost, but only because the other team had HUGE kids!! He and his team definitely did their best!

We'd packed for camping the night before his game so afterwards we immediately took off for camping and went out to Enchanted Rock with Justinbustin's cub scout pack. We hiked to the top of the mountain and then spent the night through two lightning and rain storms. Apparently Justinbustin is old enough to not come crawling into Mommy and Daddy's sleeping bag any more or even call out for us. He just wrapped himself up like a caterpillar in a cocoon in his sleeping bag and kept sleeping. Shawners, on the other hand, alternated between Mom's and Dad's sleeping bags while Mommy pep talked herself into realizing when the storm is at it's worst is when it is almost past. Usually the two loudest claps of thunder are shortly after it's gone by. When they happened I told myself I was expecting that and kept praying. The only time I really freaked out was when the wind started blowing our tent, and then I started fervently praying that my theory that tornadoes don't happen too often in the hill country was actually true.

This morning another cub scout camper knocked on our tent and told us they checked the radar and more rain was coming. So we packed up and got out of there.

We got home in time for a quick rinse and change of clothes and then headed to church, for an awesome session of Panic Free Parenting. Brando is attending the Mentoring Men session they have going on right now, but I'm all about the panic free.

We stopped by my new favorite Sunday afternoon lunch spot, Potbellys, for live music with GREAT songs (Breakfast at Tiffany's, Old Time Rock N Roll, Free Falling, I know those aren't really the names but it's how I remember the songs). All is quiet now, until tomorrow when it starts all over.


~Angela~ said...

As much as I love rain, I would never want to be camping in it. Yikes.

L said...

Wow, I'm surprised everyone stayed through the storm! I would've been so freaked out myself. I didn't know you guys had Potbelly's down there. We have a ton up here; one right across the street from me! I'm betting that, like me, you're also a fan of the cookies and milkshakes?!

California Girl said...

Sounds like a full weekend! I am not a camping fan, especially in the rain!

Camels & Chocolate said...

Happy birthday, Brando! And will you take me to all these fun places when I eventually make it to Austin? =)

my life is brilliant said...

You have been busy! You're a trooper for camping out in the rain. I'm pretty sure I'd have packed up and left!

I love Potbelly's too. I always get the pizza sub. Mmm!


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