Friday, August 29, 2008

No wonder people don't know what healthy is

I just went and ate with my son with his school lunch. The lunch menu choices seemed innocent enough, if you can figure out the healthiest to eat. My choice? Fruit plate and cheese stick. Never mind the fruit looked like it'd been sitting around for days, and the cheese stick? Ummm, NOT real - it was that American processed cheese I don't buy for the house and don't have them order when we go out. The way I eat is by looking at the ingredients, not the nutrition label. Real food = nutrition. Processed food = nutrition that had to be added if you're lucky and perhaps a nutrition not designed in a way for your body to naturally absorb. If I don't recognize the majority of ingredients I put it in the processed food category. I know some of the unrecognizable ingredients actually mean vitamin c or some other harmless item but the majority don't. When I asked nutrition services for an ingredient list for the school menu they acted surprised and had no clue where to find that information, referring me to my schools local cafeteria manager when the school opened.

This is one of the nicest schools in the district, in a more costly neighborhood but the menu is the same for all the schools in the district. Even though it is one of the best districts in the state, they are still demonstrating that food that's been so processed with so much added to it that it's practically fake can stand in for real food.

Well, I have Justinbustin eating meals there because he begged to and it's a whole hell of a lot easier for me. After today, I'm not so sure!! I'm sure I'll still have him eat there, I'm just going to try a whole heck of a lot harder to track down that ingredient list and see if any of it is actually real food!


my life is brilliant said...

Maybe he can pack a lunch just a couple days a week or something if the ingredient list is disappointing.

I can't believe as worried as people get over processed foods nowadays that school meals can still be an issue. That's awful!


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