Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend of Compliments

I absolutely LOVE my job. I see different people every day, I get to talk to people from all walks of life, my co-workers love me, and every manager I work for pleads for me to work for them. Temping instead of doing something permanent allows me to meet so many different people, view and get to know so many different communities, and meet so many new friends I would've never met at a permanent job working at one community. Many, if not all, of the communities I work for request me back if I'm available, and if I am I sometimes get to work for one community four to five weeks in a row. I love that, but even more I love discovering a new property or going back to a property I haven't been to in awhile, either because I've requested a weekend off (something else I can't do with a permanent position) or because I've been at another property.

One fun example of what I love about my job is a few weekends ago I got invited to a party on Sixth Street coming up in September with Br*d W*mack, the last B*chelor. I totally want to go, but am intending to invite another girl who works for the company that invited me so I don't have to go it alone. I wouldn't be alone any way, but I'm not going to hang on the shirt tails of the guy manager who invited me (who, by the way, reminded me that my options are open, not that I would want to since I'm married, but it's good to know if I wasn't!!). I definitely need a girlfriend with me!

Another one is people telling me what a great leasing agent I make, and pleading with me to work with them. I hate having to say no, I like to keep my weekends flexible if I havet o and in leasing that is usually not an option when you're permanent. I've gotten four job offers in the last three months, two of them for a brand new property which is usually something one has to work a long time for. That's a good feeling!

Another not so fun, but still an interesting example that reminds me of why I love my job, is four out of the five people I showed an apartment yesterday had just bought a house within the last three years and were in the middle of a divorce. While it was sad and heartbreaking to talk to each of these people - one with two kids, one with a fifteen month old, and one with no kids - it reminded me how grateful I am that we didn't buy that house last year. I can't imagine the stress of wanting/needing to sell your house and not being able to!! No wonder these marriages are failing. What a huge amount of pressure!

The energy I get when I come home is AMAZING. Yes, kids grow up way too fast, but they deserve the energy we as adults get from other people. They don't deserve my empty, drained personality that results from being home way too long with no adult interaction. To be an adult, I actually have to interact with them, even as an adult myself. And I'm loving it! With nannying the baby girl during the week I feel even more productive earning more income, but I am absolutely happy to keep my weekend job to keep up the flow of adult interaction. I'm such a people person that I get so much energy from each interaction and come home fired up and ready to go! I love it!


L said...

I also thrive on positive feedback and lots of human interaction! I loved your upbeat post! I'm so happy to hear that you're loving the job.

Stace said...

yeah for working. and adult interaction yes. . i worked from home and about went insane not seeing ppl i knew on a regular. i'm happy that your happy. .. as for that party, let me introduce you to my friend, she goes by staci and LOVES 6th st. ok thanks. :)

my life is brilliant said...

Isn't it weird (and a little comforting) how you can be sad that something doesn't work out, and then find yourself many months later being thankful things worked out the way they did?

You sound so happy! I'm glad for you that things are going so well.

Ashley said...

I love how happy you are! But yanno, a lot of it probably has to do with having such a positive attitude as well. I'm sure those you meet see it as well, and I can't seem to surround myself enough with friends like that! It's awesome and quite contagious! Your post made me smile today. :)

h*dizzle said...

life..and work are so much easier when things at work go well :)))


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