Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Busy World

Little update on life:

Boys are all set for school.
I've been praying for them every night that they will have a teacher who loves God and is able to teach them to the best of their capabilities. Also, that they will have friends who love God and support them, especially one in particular, and ones they can support. I've set a schedule that includes having a breakfast date with Justinbustin every morning and one with Shawners on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I'll also have extra time with Shawners on those days for a date later in the day if we want!

Finances are shite.
I sometimes get the feeling they always will be. We are doing okay in that we aren't adding more to our debt, and sometimes even paying more of it off (we're down to one credit card, but with still a large amount on it), but with all the inflation and gas prices lately we run out of money two days after pay day!! Today I had to take money out of our emergency fund in order to fill up my car and buy groceries for our Mother Hubbard cupboards.

Summer luvin' is good.
We have spent a lo-hot (aka Dr. Cox style because I am currently obsessed with Scrubs) of time at the pool. The last week has been busy with robotics camp for the boys so yesterday and today we were back in, even amidst the tropical depression coming through our area. Yeah. The friend of mine that was here, her little one, the boys and I were in the pool while it was pouring (no thunder or lightning or we would've hightailed it out of there). Our hair was soaked, not from the pool, but from the rain. Awesome.

Brando and I are currently seeing a counselor every other week. Tomorrow is our second time. So far so good. We've set a few ground rules - no talking about what we talk about in counseling afterwards unless it's with the counselor the next time, not waste our time fighting in front of the counselor (yeah, we do that). I also mentioned to the counselor that we need a specific goal to work on when we leave - something constructive that gives us a common goal to work towards and not storming out of there angry with what was uncovered.

And just because...
Apparently I look like a ballerina when I frisbee golf

A more normal frisbee golf pose while playing with friends.
It was our first time and a blast, despite the melting hot heat!

Fireworks over downtown on the fourth of July

Blowing out birthday candles on my cupcake cake

My beautiful cupcakes my boys and Brando made me and
the real daisy cake his Mom sent me in the background.

My birthday cupcake cake

Just because it's adorable.
Justinbustin gazing out from the pedestrian bridge over Town Lake when my parents were here.


Stace said...

loving the ballet pose! :) frisbee golf is fun though. loving the pictures. hope counseling goes well or gets better or you know there is a goal, you know GOOD LUCK. :)

Sara said...

I love that picture of you - and I also love your cupcakes...makes me want to bake!! Glad to see that you and the hubs are setting boundaries on the counseling thing- good for ya'll for not giving in like so many others do these days!

my life is brilliant said...

I LOVE your shirt in the frisbee golf pictures! Adorable!

I hope counseling goes well for you guys. Good for you for doing that. I think too many people just give up nowadays when relationships get hard.

Stacey said...

i love frisbee golf. we've got courses sprouting up all over the place here. it's perfect! ... and you dress way better than i ever do playing it! super cute shirt! :)


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