Thursday, November 20, 2008


My FIL had been paying rent on the properties my MIL acquired from the marriage for the last ten years. They have been talking about the lease coming up for two years now and the agreement was he was still going to lease, until yesterday. He told her he wasn't going to lease and she now has less than ten months to find a new tenant. His business is hurting with the economy but that doesn't give him any less reason to follow through on his word.

It makes me cry to think about it. The women who spend their lives in support of their husband to push them further in their careers who when it doesn't work out end up where? It's a little too late at that point to create a life of having a career at that point.

For all you career wives and career mommies out there, don't stop. Not just because of the ever possible possibility of divorce, but what happens if something happens to them. I so wish I had started my life later. Smarter. Gotten a head start on my own career. I might've still chosen to stay home with my boys for a while, but at least I would have SOMEthing under my belt to fall back on, even in hard financial times like we're going through right now.

I'm so grateful for my work situation right now, as I do have a friend who has a masters and makes about the same as I do working two days a week so I have nothing to complain about. However, when my situation ends it ends and I am back out there looking for something else. Kind of like my MIL right now.


L said...

How sad! That is kinda why I encouraged my sister to stay in college even when she was getting married - because what if something ever happened to her husband? It's true that God will provide for us, but we can also make wise decisions.


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