Friday, November 21, 2008

My Options for Tonight

*Chocolate martini party with a girlfriend who also happens to sub teach at Justinbustin's school
*Cocktail party with friends of my sister's
*Out on the town with my girlfriend, KT, who is scarily my clone
*Texas Martini's at Trudy with Kels

What I'm doing instead...


Seriously?! SERIOUSLY?!?! I KNOW. Totally not freakin' me. I told myself that I would take it easy this week and not pack it in before I take off like I normally do, so hopefully we will get on the plane NOT sick this time. Freakin' a!! If I had known it would mean saying NO over ten times this week to fun , FUN things for me and/or the boys (playdates, basketball games, time with Auntie helping out watching a million probably sick kids) I might not've planned the trip at all. Just kidding (barely)! Gah.



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