Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Girls Weekend

Just spent the most amazing weekend in Arizona with my grandma and cousins. The cousin I go visit in Laguna Beach and I had brainstormed this idea last time I went to visit her. Somehow she pulled it off and got the two difficult ones (my sister close to my age, B, and her sister, M)  to agree to a weekend and off we went. We didn't grow up together so it was a neat chance to get to know each other even more. Of course I knew my sisters and her, but it was fun getting to know M who is five months pregnant with her first child!! M is B's age and my cuz in Laguna Beach, Ann*e is my age. My other sister is 11 years older than me but still gets asked if she is the babysitter of my boys. B didn't know either of them prior to this trip very well at ALL and W only knew Ann*e and M when they were littler.

On top of that my sister who is closer to my age and I didn't grow up with my Grandma so it was a neat time to get to spend with her and get to know her more too.

We had a weekend full of massages, pedicures, yummy yummy food and desserts, shopping, laying out by the pool, sunshine, golf cart races, tons and tons of pictures, and way too much girlie giggling. It went a thousand times better than I ever expected out of all those dynamics. We presented my Grandma with a framed picture of all of us that has an extra large mat which we each wrote notes to her on describing how we feel about her, our favorite memories, and favorite qualities. We each read our note to her while the tears flowed. Her friend made us each pillows with a picture of the six of us embroidered into the pillow and so each of us came away with our own special keepsake.

I cried when I left. I texted Ann*e the next day that I don't think I've ever missed five people so much in my life.


L said...

I saw your pics, and it looked like such a wonderful time. That is one of those things that so many families want to do, but it just never ends up happening. It's so great that you all got together. Hopefully it can be a regular thing!

Anonymous said...

Awww sounds like an amazing time. I wish my family would get together more often for just doing things together. Nice pics!

Alli Marie said...

How FUN!! I know you were so sad to leave. :-(

Sara said...

looks like so much fun!!! I'm jealous of girls weekend!


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