Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Windows to my soul, or at least my living room

This is pretty disgusting, but I never realized how dirty my windows were until I cleaned them the other day! The paper towels I used to clean them were black!! Sad to say they were actually dirtier on the inside than on the outside.

First off, I never knew how to clean windows until my son taught me. I had done a few and then Shawners did one and his was cleaner than mine! I had been on his case about using too much windex in the first place until I realized his spot was extremely clean, so I started using much more windex on my windows. Wow they came clean quick! So much for trying to save money by not using very much windex. That was pointless if I wanted clean windows. I made sure to commend him telling him he taught Mommy how to clean windows ; ) .

So for the first time in two years (yeah, I told you it was disgusting) my windows are shiny bright clean.  It feels like I have a new house!



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