Sunday, April 05, 2009

Life is full

After arriving home from the airport on Monday week before last I went straight to girls' night and Brando took Justinb to football practice. Tuesday I went to work after dropping off the boys at both their schools. Tuesday evening I'm pretty sure I slept. Wednesday I homeschooled Shawners all day and probably did the same thing that evening. Thursday was more work and school, then Brando took the boys to cub scouts while I unpacked with wine and a girlfriend. Friday night was another home relaxation night. On the weekend Justinb had his first game, we went home and slept, then went with some friends to a passover seder dinner at their church. Afterwards they came over for wine and chatting and ended up spending the night (they are the closest things the kids have to an aunt and uncle out here besides my sis and three boys, and the closest thing Brando has to a brother). We made a huge yummy breakfast when we woke up then they went off to church and we went off to take bluebonnet pictures. We came home, took a nap, dressed up for REAL bluebonnet pictures and went back out.

The week was full of work, school, and girls night on Monday, work, school, and dinner with a friend on Tuesday, work, school, and a date with Brando on Wednesday, work, school, and WOW down time Thursday, only we went to get a TV from a friend. Friday we had fajitas and margaritas in the hot tub with Kels while the kids watched Marley and Me inside the house. Saturday Justinb had another game, then Brando took the boys camping while I spent the day at the pool with M with lime*ade and vodka, then over to Kels again for beer in the hot tub with a few of her friends from her small group and then spent the night at her house. We woke up in the morning, made yummy breakfast tacos, and finished watching Marley and Me, then I headed back home for more pool time (and sunburn) with M. Brando and the boys got home, then he took off for WWF with the guys.

That's just what I remember as I'm sitting here.

Today, work, school, and I'm off to girl time, but you know what I don't have anything planned the rest of the week until this weekend. Granted, the boys still have cub scouts Thursday night and I'm doing my thing tonight so that leaves us only two nights, but for the moment they are free and I am relieved.


L said...

I know a gang from TX out here that turned their garage into the Bluebonnet Inn and talked about how their parents would make them take pictures with the bluebonnets. Haha. Enjoy a night or two of nothing this week!


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