Thursday, April 16, 2009

People Should Do Stunts Like This More Often

The world would be a happier place.

On a side note, our local theatre, Zilker Hillside Theatre, was going to play The Sound of Music this summer. I was sooooo excited about it!! Unfortunately I found out they decided to switch it out with The Music Man because they heard there might be another production of Sound Of Music. Oh my gosh, I can't explain how disappointed I am! Don't get me wrong, The Music Man is another fabulous one that will probably be even more fun for the kids to watch, but Sound of Music. Oh, Sound of Music, is my FAVORITE. Just hearing that it would be there made me want to climb the Swiss Alps and sing at the top of my lungs. So I may have to make a Sound of Music video night just for me. And make sure no one is there so I can sing if I want to. And maybe dance.



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