Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sushi Night

I love my dates with Brando. Ever since my Grandma started paying last year for a baby-sitter for us to go on a weekly date, we have been on a date each week unless we were out of town or both of our babysitters have happened to be out of town. She totally got us on the routine of going OUT and not feeling guilty spending the money on ourselves (well, because it was her money). We would eat out, or go get a coffee, discover something new, whatever, but just spend TIME together. After the first few months we even found something other to talk about than kids! So when a few months later my Grandma wrote me a long letter apologizing because she couldn't pay for our babysitter anymore, I wasn't sad. She had given me the best gift anybody could have ever given us. The gift of realizing how precious time together is, and how every eye roll at the idea of a weekly date was just because we hadn't realized the significance of it. Even after she stopped paying for our babysitter, we continued to go out. We just cut out the cost of the date portion of it by eating dinner beforehand. Now we splurge every few dates, but mostly we just go out and spend time together. Whether it means with a two dollar coffee, one of Austin's pretty views, going downtown for s'mores, picnics on Mt. Bonnell, or just being with each other at any number of places.

Tonight we had sushi together for the first time EVER at Kenobi in the Arboretum. We've both had sushi (his more of an adventurous version than mine), but not together.

Outside Kenobi


Brando LOVES sushi and I have always hated seafood of any kind. Until my 26th birthday. I decided then it was time to start liking seafood. Since that day (literally, yum! Coconut shrimp) I have slowly added to my repertoire only by letting experienced seafoodies try it first, asking them if it's the best they've ever had, and if it is or close to then trying it. I'm acquiring my taste. And so far (which means coconut shrimp, garlic angel hair pasta and shrimp, avocado salsa salmon, herb crusted salmon, talapia with mushroom sauce - that was a real stretch since I didn't like mushrooms either and hadn't decided I was going to get over that one, lobster bisque, and crab in California Rolls), it's been delicious! Well, I'm not quite ready to try sushi, but California rolls qualify for sushi in most people's books and it does have seafood so I had that while Brando had tuna rolls. I also tried sake. Very vinegary smelling, with a hint of vodka, and a butter aftertaste. I love doing firsts with Brando, and this one was a blast!!

We went to Cheesecake Factory afterwards for coffee and lemon raspberry cream cheesecake. Mmmm!

After the Cheesecake Factory


Ashley said...

You guys are SO adorable, I love it! Kenobi's is really good, great pick. I think dates and getting out to spend time together are a major factor as time goes on in a relationship... it does sound cheesy, but it really makes a difference.


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