Sunday, June 07, 2009

What makes a perfect Sunday?

*Getting to sleep early the night before, so I actually wake up shortly after the butt crack of dawn

*Putting on my makeup outside in the beautiful morning breeze

*Having plenty of time to get ready to go

*Sundresses and wedges

*Church with my family on time for once

*Lunch with my sister and her family, requested by my oldest

*Shopping trip with the boys

*Laying out by the pool with Brando, the boys, M, K, and Li

*Floating in the pool with limeade and vodka

*Going to see the Hangover with M, Li, KT, and Stevie, with whiskey and coke, and vodka and sprite

*Laughing our a*ses off

*Coming home to a hot hubby

...all those pretty much make a perfect Sunday.


Jillian said...

that sounds like a GREEAAAT Sunday hehehehe...

Happy Monday!! :)

Angela said...

Congratulations! I've given you an award.

Samira said...

Sounds awesome! I'll be in touch- pehaps we can shedule a day? Btw- did u hear girl is preggo? :))))


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