Monday, June 01, 2009

Trying to keep my head above water

This summer is totally not working out work wise as I had hoped. I had several jobs that I THOUGHT were going to carry me thru the first few weeks of June, but not so much. I did help out with a wedding and got paid a decent amount for that. When I had first offered I wasn't even thinking I was going to be paid so that was a nice surprise. Plus it was so much FUN. I had a few jobs lined up with the people that I nannied for over the school year, but tomorrow's fell thru because they're sick. This weekend I was supposed to watch her overnight but they just sold their condo and are having to come up with money to pay the other realtor as they only broke even on what they owed. So that may fall through. I REALLY don't want to do the leasing agent thing again. My last two jobs sucked. But you know what? Reading that post makes me rethink it. All of the other jobs I had I loved. I may just have to put those two jobs on my no work list (not that I have one, but I could make one!). Plus, the boys are old enough to stay home for a few hours by themselves so we don't have to rush around trying to find a babysitter three Saturdays out of the month when Brando will work to noon.

Any way, I have a meetup with several moms tomorrow evening, so I'm hoping that will line up a job or two. I've signed up with a nanny agency, but wow, it is intense and I'm not really sure if I want to be that intense about nannying!! Sheesh, just need a little extra money, not permanent placement (that sounds SO forboding). Cross your fingers for me! I don't want to spend all summer stressed about that little extra bit that we need to come in to survive!!



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