Saturday, September 29, 2007

My song

No, really. My sister always calls me Rosie Posie and today her mother-in-law informed us there was a Rosie Posie song. I do prefer it to be spelled Rosey Posey if she HAS to call me that though... those pesky big sisters who think they are still your mother ; ) .

Al Jolson - Ma Blushing Rosie

There's a little bunch of sweetness,
That I long to call my bride.
And believe me I'm not happy,
Lest my baby's by my side.
Her baptismal name was Rosie,
But she put's the rose to shame.
And almost every night,
you'll here me call her name.

Rosie, you are my posie,
you are my hearts bouquet,
Come out here in the moonlight,
There's something sweet love,
I wanna say.
Your honey boy I'm waiting,
Those ruby lips to greet
Don't be so captivating
My blushing rosie
My Posie sweet.

Rosie, you are my posie,
You are, my hearts bouquet
Come out, here in the moonlight
There's something sweet love.
I'm gonna sing about my baby,
Your honey, your boy I'm waiting
Those rubies, those lips to greet
Don't be so captivating,
My blushin rosie,
My posie sweet.



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