Friday, February 20, 2009

We interrupt our regularly scheduled broadcast for a *Pity Party*

You know you saw it coming with that last post.

I am so miserably bored right now. Bored with my hair, bored with my wardrobe, bored with my makeup, bored with having no money, bored with having no time to relax (even though I get much more bored with staying home if I do that), bored with my resume, bored with my responsibilities. So freakin' bored of everything in my life right now. I've fought so long for things to stay the same. Same house, same school, same schedule, that now that it is I'm aching for change.

It might mostly be the money thing. If I could actually have money, money to get the haircut I desperately need, money to get the clothes and jewelry to refresh my boring wardrobe, money to refill my quickly running out makeup and money to go out I might not be so bored : ) . Then, when I do have money it disappears like Houdini's bunny.

Here's to finding entertaining free stuff to do! I think I'll allow myself the rest of the day to pity party and then find something free and fun to rock the boat.


L said...

Bummer, I know that can be discouraging. On the bright side, at least you have a family to be doing free stuff with. :) As a single person, it is hard to say no to anything fun that is suggested, because if I do say no, I'll be spending a night all by my lonesome! Of course I'm not saying it isn't as tough for you. Here's to creativity in finding new free stuff to enjoy! Instead of going to an all-day movie theater marathon with my friends tomorrow, I'm going to this free seminar at the C.S. Lewis Institute. Should be interesting (I hope)!

Anonymous said...

life would def be better if we all had a million dollars to spend frivolously.


Stace said...

So I've come to the conclusion that I have an affair with my COUCH it's great, saves me money. :) But advice. . .hair schools can cut hair, they take longer but they are CHEAPER! :)


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