Tuesday, May 26, 2009

LBC Baby

Wow, a new record for me. I haven't read blogs in five days. I love reading blogs - they're like my gossip magazines, only I know they're true for the most part ; ) .

I just came back from the most AHmazing weekend EVER in Long Beach. My cousin on my Mom's side got married and my parents flew our whole family out to celebrate and support them. So very happy! We stayed at the cutest little hotel with teak lounge chairs by the pool with two inch thick cushions that I sank into and wanted to stay forever in. The kids were running around happy, the weather was gorgeous, my cousin and his new wife are adorable, my uncle is perverted but I got over that, and there was no family drama. Brando didn't even feel the need to be resident photographer because my cousin got a new camera. Granted the pictures weren't as fabulous because he's just learning, and I was glad I took a bunch, and Brando the ones that he did, but it was nice to have my hubby the whole time.

Their sweet Rolls Royce transportation from the wedding to the reception

The pretty houses lining the coastal road on the way to the reception

One of my favorite, favorite things about Cali is all the palm trees all over

The reception was at a gorgeous restaurant on the water, where we visited outside until the sunset and the bride and groom arrived. We moved the party inside and danced all night long. SO much fun!!

The view from the restaurant - so gorgeous!

More of the view and marina from the reception restaurant

The restaurant - and that's the open bar right there. Nice.

Upstairs and a view of inside of where the reception moved to later in the evening

View from our seats at the reception restaurant. Ah mazing.

The next morning we woke up, packed our bags, and headed to the beach where I coerced Brando into thinking we were just "stopping by". Really I had the agenda of throwing the kids and I in our bathing suits and having the kids enjoy the beach that I get to visit every year. Once we got there, and the kids already started getting their shorts wet, I ran back to the car and grabbed our suits, threw mine on California style i.e. next to the car under my clothes (or not), and ran back. We spent the next hour splashing and body surfing the waves. SO much fun!! My kids totally got to enjoy the beach I get to visit every year and enjoyed every minute of it. Both of my sister's were there with their families, too, although they didn't go in the water and thought I was crazy because we were all used to growing up in Santa Cruz where the water is COLD. Apparently they didn't know until I told them afterwards that the water is soooooo much warmer down south in Cali. Discovering that is what toes are for, not me!!! Of course they weren't prepared with their bathing suits like I was either. My sister and bil were so sweet afterwards, though, they told me they had a good time and were really happy we stopped by the beach. My sis got some HAUTE pictures of Brando and I with Brando's camera too. Can't wait to steal them off his computer!

We used a bottle of water to shower and changed into our dry clothes then headed to brunch four minutes up the road and arrived there exactly on time. Fortunately the bride and groom were late wondering in any way! I enjoyed the next three hours visiting with ALL of my cousins and siblings (except for my brother, who was there the night before, but had to drive home early that morning for work) and watching a super fun Hawaiian luau show,  all while drinking lots of mimosas. Mmmm.

See? Best weekend. EVER. Family, drinks, beach, fun, sunshine. It just DOESN'T get any better.


Patty Ann said...

ahhh, it all looks so nice!

Camels & Chocolate said...

That looks so pretty! I want that wedding!

L said...

Pink - that sounds like SUCH an awesome weekend. I love that you had secret plans to throw on your suits at the beach - totally something I would do! :) So happy for you that you were able to go. Hope to see more pics!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh! Perfect weekend! It does sound almost EXACTLY like mine (except there was more BBQ and less mimosas in my weekend). Even the reception venues were almost identical! Parallels on opposite sides of the country. Can't wait to see more pictures! xoxo, GFF

Gooseberried said...

For me, it's been almost an entire months since I've read blogs. How awful is that? :(

cayman77 said...



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