Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Eczema Research

I've taken a break today from work to contemplate what to do about this little guy breaking out in eczema. My heart is so so so broken that I broke him. I fed him way too much variety way too soon. I know better especially with Brando's side being allergenic.

So today I contemplated. Tomorrow morning he has an acupuncture appointment. Praying this goes well. Today I realized the things I've been doing different the last few weeks when these allergic reactions have popped up - eating dairy and giving him table food, and no acidophilus the last few days

So even though I had pizza tonight before I realized as I've been lenient the past few weeks, no more dairy once again. If it can make him spit up maybe it can give him eczema now that he's a little too old to spit up much. I've replenished my acidophilus, loading up to make up for missing a few days (amazing how it helps my mood and perspective - there's several TED talks on gut flora and mood, totally agree) and even giving Logan some mixed in water with a spoon. I tried to go to basic baby oatmeal today with breast milk mixed in. He hated it. That's what I get for a partly baby led weaned baby. Tomorrow I think I'll blend up the regular organic oatmeal I have for him so it's a little easier to digest and try that instead. My mom said to just do oatmeal for the next week to clean out his system, so we're trying that and praying it works. The chronic cases of eczema I've heard from friends and see via google are so scary. I never knew asthma, hay fever, and eczema were related. I guess I'm glad I realize he has those tendencies now so I can watch out for them. Even though I wholeheartedly believe I'm the one who did this to him in the first place. Praying for the acupuncture tomorrow, and researching researching researching in the meantime. 


Mrs. Architect said...

STOP FEELING GUILTY!!!!! YOU DIDN'T BREAK HIM!!!!! Our bodies are beautiful designs of God that have the ability to heal themselves. One can NEVER know what ones body doesn't tolerate well, and you didn't know!!! And you are doing an awesome job at recognizing what it is and working to fix it! SO many moms just go get a prescription cream to rub on it and don't change anything, so KUDOS to you for working to heal it from the inside out! You are doing an AWESOME job!!!! (and btw - I'm SUPER jealous he eats a good variety of stuff. E is SO picky and won't even try anything outside of her half-a-dozen staple foods, which sadly, don't include many veggies. It is my biggest mom struggle right now.)

Rose said...

Just saw this! I can't believe the mom guilt came back in full force but it did!


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