Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Things I Want To Remember Before They Pass By

Logan does so many sweet things I thought were around to stay but quicker than I can blink they are passing by. I always want to remember he

*plays peekaboo with EVERYthing. Blanket, basket liner, diaper, beanie, shirt, pajamas, you name it he plays peekaboo with it. By himself. Item over his face, legs and arms out straight, hardly able to contain himself with excitement at the possibility of what is beyond this thing he put over his face. I thought this was around to stay but sadly is going by the wayside as he moves on to bigger and better things.

*holds my hand as we're driving to fall asleep. He still does this initially but let's go instead of holding on the whole time like he used to. He also used to grab onto the ring on the bottom of his toy hanging above his car seat if a hand (mine, dads, or his brothers) wasn't available.

*lets me kiss him to sleep all over his face. I've been able to do this a few times recently but oh the baby smell I could breathe in when he let me do this regularly.

*smiles crazy daddy smiles when daddy gets home. As he gets older and mom is more stressed out and less encouraging for the excitement when daddy gets home this is fading. He's transferred most of his entire body excitement to his brother who sits and entertains him for hours once he gets home from school.

*lets me rock him to sleep. This one isn't going by the wayside anytime soon, but rocking in our glider next to the window as you stare at the trees makes my heart so full feels like it may burst.



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