Saturday, July 16, 2005

Birthdays and Wishes

I'm pretty much out of words after writing my many thank you notes for my birthday. Thank you guys for all your wonderful birthday wishes! So I leave you with a photo slideshow of pictures taken with my new camera (yay! I love it AND it fits in my purse!) for the day. Hubby STILL does not want me posting pictures of US on here, which I still SORT of agree with *sigh*. So if you want to see more, as always, email me with your Flickr username and I'll add you to my list.

Our Table


girl from florida said...

looks like a blast! I don't know if I have a flickr username (I think I do?) hmmm. I will let you know if I remember it.

Cecilia said...

Did your H write that down on the table cloth for you? How sweet!! By the way, I love the stuffed dog. :)

Great to see that you had a swell time for your birthday (my god, I feel ancient next to you!).

Fairies coming your way, PSD! *mwah*

Adrianne said... sweet! Glad it was fun and your camera's working :)even if we don't get to see you here...I agree with H, too :) Take care Pink!!

Marcia said...

Happy belated birthday! Congrats on the new camera.

MommaK said...

Happy belated BD!! *hugs* The flowers are beautiful:-)

mommyd said...

Happy belated bday! I need to get a flickr account because I want to see! Your camera sounds fun. Will you ever be down to San Diego again?

Kismet said...

Happy Day!
No pics for me but I can imagine. Hope it was a great day. Keep on a bloggin also.



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