Friday, September 23, 2005


It's 1am again and here I am. Funny how staying up late once so easily starts a pattern. No matter, I have the time and the thought to blog and so I am.

So. very. much. happening. I am in the middle of packing - thank God for forums where people are motivating because the majority of it is sailing right along. One of the hardest parts will be packing up the last bits and pieces, the things we use everyday, but at least all this other stuff will be taken care of so I'll actually have the energy to handle that.

Remember when we first got here and I was so very anxious about finding Big Guy a 'nice lady'? I finally found one. Right before we're moving. These people, they are a husband and wife team, are absolutely amazing. And the only reason I can search my soul and come up with that I didn't find them earlier is that I think I would have had a VERY hard time leaving here had we started anything with them, and God knows where He wants me. These people are amazing. Oh did I already say that? We did an intake on Thursday, for me it was a matter of seeing if he should be seeing someone this last month while we are here, as well as getting another resource, someone else to bounce off. Their learning center had been recommended to me by a mother of a kid with similar difficulties as Justin, and I am so grateful she did. We went in and immediately the guy started playing Legos with BG - if anybody knows how to get him to warm up, that's it. The wife and I sat and discussed things for 15 or so minutes while her husband played and got familar with Justin. Then they switched playing with him and the husband talked to me. Apparently he has/had dyslexia and is brilliant, as people with speech or otherwise difficulties often are. The information he gave me was so much and so overwhelming, every word he said contained a world of information. And this is not easy to do to me, normally I am one step ahead of whatever somebody is discussing with me about my son. I know him. Better than anyone else. Except maybe these people. Okay haha I still know him better, but I could not believe how exactly. the. same. page. these people were on with what my feelings and thoughts for him are. They were in total awe and praise of his speech lady in Texas, which was sooo nice, compared to the other people BG has been going to this whole year saying oh well she didn't really do an eval, EXCUSE me?! She did what worked. *climbing off soapbox before I regress* They said she was doing exactly what he needed and there is no need for him to have to go through the trouble of warming up to them and getting used to someone new when he is going back to her in a month. Thanks for not wanting to take every penny out of me!!! Against my own want of wanting to have him have every opportunity possible I did not schedule another meeting, due to them thinking it would be too much on him, as well as my hubby saying the exact same thing the night before. Thing is he's already asking to go back!! To the 'Lego guy'. And you know what? That $110 for the intake I'd pay again in a heartbeat just for my hubby to hear what they had to say. And the best part? They practically required me to stay in touch, call if I had any questions, let them know how he is doing. Two of their long time students, now happy adults, were by for a visit in the time period that I was there. One of them put his arms around both of their shoulders as he left and said, "I love these guys. They are the best, they have the kindest hearts." The wife said they never leave, they always come back - they become a part of the family.

You have a child who can't speak, I guarantee you he will be speaking, confident, shining, and radiant within one year of being there. Depending on his legibility 50% legible by year one, and 90% by year 3, if not 99%. Okay most of that was an email I need to write to a friend here who is struggling with being able to understand her child. You know who you are if you are reading this : ) ! Yes, I actually told someone in 'real life' about my blog. And if none of it makes sense I apologize, as I told my hubby I'm just so excited about how wonderful these people are it's hard to get out a legible sentence as to why.

This weekend we are spending in Monterey at a hotel with Hubby's Dad and wife, brother and family. A mini family vacation of sorts. Should be interesting. All while Hubby has an appt. over the hill tomorrow, and I'll be fielding calls for Katrina and Rita evacuees as well as Katrina refugees (it's heartbreaking what's happening there, and it's all in my hometown), and on Sunday my nephew's birthday party that we more than likely will have to miss. I thought it was going to be tomorrow and planned for that but it changed to Sunday and so we're out of luck. Shoot. I still need to get him a birthday present.

I started my own homeschool group the other day where we are moving online and there are already nineteen members! I can't believe it, but I am so excited for the support when I get there. I just pray that everything melds smoothly. They've already gotten together for one playdate and have plans for a second. Hopefully things will be running smoothly by the time I get there and then I can plan my pool party, we're going to have an amazing pool where we'll be at, and girls nights outs - I miss those!

Well I have tons of gorgeous pictures to post but haven't taken the time to get them off the camera for the last week. That and once I do they go to a separate hard drive which I need to figure out how to hook up to the computer so I can get them online. Hope you all have a FANTASTIC weekend! Please say a prayer tonight for all those dislocated and in Rita's way.


beth said...

Pink, you're such a great mom! I can tell how excited you are by these people and I'm so glad you found them even if you are leaving. It sounds like they will continue to be a great resource for you! the homeschooling group sounds fabulous!! You have a great weekend too!

Alyssa said...

wow sounds like you have allot on your plate right now. I am feeling you on the packing thing. Although we have moved so many times I think I have it down to a science. I am hoping to get involved with a home school group once we get settled in the new house. We are still trying to find a church that we really love here as well. You really do sound like a wonderful and very involved mom. God bless!

DaFFy said...

Isn't packing dreadful? The moment I pack anything and seal the box...I need it. Or want it because I know I can't have it. I think I am more childish than the children!

Kimberly said...

Good luck with the packing, I know how stressful it can me! :) I will say a prayer for you, everything will work out great, I'm sure of it! The world really does need more involved mothers like yourself! My hats off to you!! :)

Cecilia said...

Hey you, Super Mom! I am so proud and ecstatically happy for you and for all of the positive things that are happening. Congratulations on finding these very helpful people (I know what kind of a struggle that is since my parents have struggled with that for my nephew).

When I become a Mom someday, I would like to be just as hands-on as you. I'm so proud of you for getting a homeschooling program together like that.

You take care, all right?

HUGS, cxoxox

Heather said...

I guess I missed you guys were moving. Is it going to be a huge adjustment?

mommyd said...

I hope that move is smooth! You are such a great mommy taking such a huge part in your kids lives. You sound so optimistic that I was smiling as I read your post!

Allison said...

Wow, you are an AWESOME mom! Your boys are very lucky to have you. I hope everything goes smoothly with the move and you can get back to the wonderful lady for BG.


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