Saturday, October 15, 2005

Happy (Early) Anniversary

Hubby and I went on a date last night to the place where we had our first date six years ago. We had a babysitter for the kids and it was just a normal average night, albeit our last week in Caifornia, and he made it a surprise. Our fifth anniversary is coming up next month so it made it very special.

There are so many kid comments that have been made in this last week that I'm just going to list them in random order. I don't have the energy to embellish any more than that.

Big Guy says this last week, "If Daddy dies, I will die." When asked why, he says, "Because he's my Daddy." with a very sad look.

Upon being offered ice cream over going to Oma's (as Mommy and Daddy were very tired but had promised to go there that evening), Little Guy refused. If you haven't caught it, this is a BIG thing. Below Mommy and Daddy and apparently now Oma, NOTHING is better than ice cream. We ended up giving him the ice cream any way as that was too sweet to not.

Little Guy has been declaring the things he wants, needs, etc. with a "pronto!" at the end. Personally I prefer it to the otherwise ugly "RIGHT NOW!!!" (not used by him, but by other children in the past : ) .

Big Guy has been requesting to do things "one last time". He really realizes we are going to be away from all this very soon and it breaks my heart. On the other hand it heals it in the same beat because I know I am not going to have to deal with the realization of how far away we are once we get there. Little Guy, on the other hand, has no clue...

Fortunently Oma is planning to drive out with the Hubs and spend the first few days with us there. And my parents are coming out for Thanksgiving and LG's birthday.

That's it for now. I know there's more I just can't think of it. Favorites list for Santa Cruz coming soon...

ALSO spam is killing me!!! I had SEVENTY FIVE of them to moderate the other day. AND I get notified on every comment so that means a bajillion emails in my inbox that are just plain ANNOYING. If I can ever figure out how to only let registered users comment I'm going to. Or go private so I can just post pictures and be done with it. Any advice on how to do that is most appreciatively welcome.


girl from florida said...

awwww I love the adorable things your children do and say, they are so cute!!! I can't wait to share my own stories with you one day :)

Have a SAFE and HAPPY and FUN trip! I will be praying for you guys sweetie.

Laura said...

Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary. It's so great that you and your hubby still go on dates! Love hearing what your kids have to say . . I used to nanny for two little boys the same age as yours and I would record everything they said for their mom. Makes me miss them!

Allison said...

Congrats on your anniv! I just love reading the stories about your kids. They are adorable!

Not sure about the spam, but i TOTALLY understand the spam. I wonder if you could sneak haloscan into your html somewhere. Maybe ask Fantastically Blonde. She has her own little registration somehow. Other than those ideas and going back to blogger w/ the letter verification, I dunno! Sorry chica!

beth said...

so when is your anniversary?


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