Monday, October 17, 2005

In Honor of Allison

Her post reminded me of this story and instead of making a post on her comments I decided I'd post it here...

The best Halloween trick ever played on me was my son's godmother's son (got that :) ?) sitting out on a chair on his front porch with a friend of his sitting in front of him, both with super gaudy freaky masks on making them look like mannequins or puppets just laying there. While I knocked on the door, peeked in the windows, and looked around to the driveway to see if they were home they sat perfectly still. When I finally stood in front of the door for a bit pondering how to get a hold of them the 'mannequins' reached out towards me as his Dad stood behind the front door and set off the fog machine with its huge noise. My scream was heard around the neighborhood.

SIG & Mommy's and Big Guy's Pumpkins
Little Guy's Pumpkin
Happy Halloween!!!

The kids did these at SIG's house on Tuesday. She had a little pumpkin carving kit and we did lunch and then carved pumpkins all afternoon - her first time, and only my second. It was fun and such a wonderful memory. She also had little bags of candy for each of the kids, which are almost gone!!


girl_from_florida said...

heeheehee!! Thanks for the giggle :) Brightened my work day!

Allison said...

I SO wish someone had been watching from the side with a video camera. That would make yall some money!

island girl said...

i love the cat pattern!!! Any way I can get that pattern online and print it out?

Mel said...

I probably would've fallen to the ground. I'm the jumpiest person ever...I swear.

Great pumpkins!


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