Sunday, October 09, 2005

Special Memories

The sore throat was a hoax and I'm hoping it stays that way. Well yes I did feel quite horrible for two days, but it didn't turn into anything worse and is only a slight tickle in the throat at this point. I am soooo glad because we ended up having a fabulous day on Saturday.

We went to San Francisco to see the Blue Angels fly! It took half an hour to get from the freeway to Pier 39 where everything was going on and half an hour more to find parking and miraculously we got free front row parking just a block away from the entrance to Pier 39. You have to understand that just does NOT happen in San Francisco on a day when half the world is there. It was such a blessing, especially with the kids. We walked to the end of the pier, enjoying the sights and sounds along the way, and looking for the crab bush. We came across the seahorse bush which I forgot to get the kids picture with only because I was still hoping to find the crab bush they so badly wanted to see.

Pier 39 Crab Bush

We found out before we left that apparently they take the little guy down and put up a stage over his spot on days when a lot is going on. That day he had a band playing on his stage.

Any way we found our way to the end of the pier and made our way to Bubba Gump's for lunch. That little dancing shrimp? BG made sure to buy the biggest one they had available for $18 with his own money before we left. They seated us in the. perfect. viewing area for the Blue Angels show. We couldn't believe it! We told the waitress we'd be taking our sweet time (and made it well worth her while) and enjoyed appetizers, lunch, drinks, and dessert for a good two and a half hours all while watching the breathtaking show. The best part was the kids were occupied for the entire time because you can only take so much jet tricks at three and six. They had a blast though and we did too. Especially watching that poor crowd below us straining for the front spot at the fence along the edge of the pier. Hehe, okay that probably was not nice. Especially when a fire truck and ambulance with their lights going squeezed through to get by. That was the strangest thing.

Blue Angels

Today we went up to Greyhound Rock and the boys prospected for gold and climbed huge rocks in the ocean with Daddy. Mommy stayed safely on dry ground. Then we check out the butterflies return to Natural Bridges State Park where they had Monarch Day going on. An eventful weekend and we got a lot done that we wanted to do before we go, or at least attempted to : ) and saw things we didn't even expect along the way!

PS My own images coming as soon as I get them uploaded.


beth said...

I would love to see a Blue angels show and for the boys to see one! how cool is that?


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