Friday, October 07, 2005


I'm not feeling well and sick of directing my kiddos. I don't want to move from my comfy spot on my laptop with my laptop propped up on my knees but my voice is hoarse with corralling kids, keeping them from beating each other up - even if only in play, or putting too huge of nicks in the wall, or systematically trimming every single plant in the backyard (a neighbor took care of that one for me, ha!). Besides being asked to play a million times including when my oldest set up the three person party outside complete with a half castle turret and a deck of cards for each person, I finally sent them to their room which oddly enough they have not been in all. day. long. And they're not in it now, fifteen minutes later.

*sigh* My throat is sore, my voice is tired, and the organic mint Trader Joe's tea I brewed seems to have only made it warmer and fuzzier. My body is wracked, not aching, thank God, but just TIRED. It's not that bad yet but I'm hoping it doesn't turn into anything worse. And I'm taking my herbs like a good girl. Colloidal silver, noni, echinecea, gargling hydrogen peroxide. Sore throats are my worst enemy, especially when they turn into STREP!! Heard that is going around in Texas and praying sincerely none of us will get it, here OR there or in between just for good measure.

My six year old just changed the light bulb in a lamp including finding the light bulbs in the box in the garage completely by himself, "Here's why that light wouldn't work. Oh and I saw a box that started with l and thought light starts with l and it does!". Maybe I should just hand over all the motherly duties to him. Wash? Sure he could do it. Pick up? Well after some reminders. Folding? I'll stick to that I can do it on my bed. Taking care of the little brother? He's been all day. Thank God for blessings in small doses.

Now my youngest is "Captain" the dog, and they are getting him some bread for his food after asking for meat first, of course.


girl from florida said...

Awwww you poor thing!! I hope you are feeling much better this morning. Hopefully you were able to get your sleep. Feel better honey! xoxo

Stacey said...

Being sick and being a mother just don't seem to go together. :( I really hope you're feeling better!


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