Saturday, April 15, 2006

Swimming Back

Lately I've been, well, home. It's been nice. My plants are happy, my house is happy, I'm happy. My kids are a little lions gone wild, but I'll be focusing more on getting THEM out now for things that help get their energy out and don't make Mommy so irritated!

We spoke to the people with J's school. It looks like they have a program where he can shadow the 1st grade curriculum with us just doing it at home. Yay! Accountability. Hehe. AND he can do the 2nd grade math. THIS will be interesting. They are aware of the fact that he may not be able to do the reading though and are already talking about an assistant for him, or if possible me being able to be with him. Hopefully we will have him up to speed by August though. We are doing the same math program at home, so I've been having him write the numbers in words so he recognizes those and then pointing out the words as I read them so he knows where I'm reading. B also mentioned word problems work a certain way, i.e. and means add, gave means take away, etc. so I'll be paying attention to how those work in our program and point them out to him. His nice lady is so supportive and was called for an interview where she really stressed the need for him to be in 1st grade. Apparently they took that to heart, because what they came up is exactly what we were thinking. He is way past 1st grade math and wouldn't be challenged enough. So 2nd grade math is great, if we can work around the reading part.

We have no plans for Easter. The one family, my sister and her kiddos, that we do have her went out of town, so we don't have family around and that kind of makes me sad. Usually I've made a big feast in the past but I'm just not in the mood to do that this year. J REALLY wants to go to church, apparently they have some suprise there. So we'll probably do that and then it would be nice to spend the day outdoors. I can deal with Subway on Easter : ) or Olive Garden would be fun, yum. Hope ya'll have a very blessed Easter and a wonderful time with family and friends, or, if you're like us, just yourselves : ) !



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