Saturday, April 15, 2006


The strangest dreams have been disturbing my otherwise peaceful sleep lately.

I'm in a boathouse, somehow I end up in the water and the tide catches me and takes me out, but not too far and I try to swim back, but I get caught in the tide again, the only way to get back is when it releases me I walk back along the dock, a narrow ledge along the building that leads back to the boathouse.

Last night was an attempt to navigate the windy, peaceful road leading to my childhood home that had turned into a slippery, muddy ditch. As I walked up the road turned ditch I grew up driving every day my steps kept slipping in the mud.

Somehow these dreams seem to have something to do with getting back somewhere. Where doesn't really matter, just back. Which is symbolic, because that's where I seem to be right now. I've stopped hanging out so much with a friend of mine who is so sweet and I love to death but whose views don't line up with mine and that throws mine off. Especially with as much time as we are inclined to spend with each other!! So now the fog is lifting, the sun is peeking through, and I'm starting to refocus my vision, my priorities. It's working. Slowly. Like a narrow ledge. Or a slippery ditch.


Cecilia said...

I was once told that when you dream of water, being in it and more so struggling in it, that it signifies current anxieties and worries on problems.

Your writing is simply beautiful. You've captured what it's like to be in that dream and you've made parallels of it in your past and present life. The most striking thing here is that you've made the parallel between that dream AND your outlook for the future: on refocusing your priorities = narrow ledge or a slippery ditch.

However slippery that way is to go back or to go forward, walk it. You are continously learning about yourself. It is the only way. Whatever is dragging you down, you just have to let it go.


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